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Backhoe Loader Demand Increasing in Developing Markets

A backhoe loader is a versatile equipment used for digging, boring, excavating, levelling, loading and much more. It’s useful equipment in farming, construction, mining and infrastructure services. This tractor like equipment has been in market for many years and due to ability to perform wide variety of tasks, it’s still very popular. The maximum users of backhoe are the businesses into construction and infrastructure. Here it used for digging holes, demolitions, powering building equipment, breaking asphalt, laying roads, and transportation of certain building materials. The backhoes come with easily attachable attachments which increases its utility in the construction sites.

Demand for backhoe

If a continent wise split is to be seen Asia Pacific are the lead the demand chart followed by North America and Europe. In Asia Pacific, specifically, India and China are the biggest markets for backhoe. The reasons can be attributed to the number of infrastructure projects been carried out by these two countries. There are numerous, canals, dams, roads, power budget carried out to modernise the countries to match up to the West. For all these activities backhoe is a key component. The other developing countries constituting the BRIC are also showing an upward trend for backhoe. If you were to rank them in order of highest to lowest demand - its China is the leader, followed by India in second place, then Brazil and lastly Russia.

It may be interesting to note that the demand for backhoe has slackened after debacle of money in 2008-2009. It’s developing countries that gave the new lease of life to this equipment. The major driver for the demand in these countries growth of the construction industry in these countries. With globalisation, India and China, the two fast growing nations have become the activity centre. With villages and farmlands giving way to more industries and buildings, there are whole of lot construction activities

Neeraj Bhatia, Business Head, ACE, estimates the sale of 18,000-20,000 backhoe loaders in FY 2015-16. Of this 50 per cent will be captive users, 20 per cent hirers, another 20 per cent mine owners, 10 per cent civic bodies like municipal corporations.

Vijay Sharma, Executive Director, Terex Equipment, projects an estimates the backhoe market to be around 22,000 units in 2015-16. Further, he expects the market to grow about 3-4% in FY 16-17 and then with new initiatives from the government, the growth rate to rise up by 7-8%.