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How JCB Drives Profitability for Businesses

A backhoe loader or known as just JCB (as it was invented by Joseph Cyril Bamford in UK in the year 1953), is one of the most prominent equipment in the earth moving machinery segment used in construction business. Backhoe loaders (BHL) consist of tractor attached to a shovel in the front and a digger-backhoe in the back. They also come with a variety of attachments to perform various tasks.

BHL are comparatively smaller equipment and serve multiple purposes in a construction activity. Due to such flexibility and utility offered by backhoes, they definitely drive profitability for businesses.

JCB drives profitability for businesses

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits offered by BHL which make them so popular at a construction site and regarded as very profitable construction equipment:

  1. Performs multiple functions: The most common application of a BHL is digging a trench with the backhoe and then filling it back with the loader. The tractor in the BHL is used for moving the other two components from place to place. They may be also used for small demolitions, laying pipes, asphalt breaking, paving roads etc. With few attachments, the BHL can also perform tasks such as grabbing objects, dozing or levelling the ground. Thus, BHL are highly versatile machines and can be put to many uses other than just digging the ground.
  2. Leads to quality improvement- Backhoes can help contractors to complete work with minimal quality defects as work performed with a machine is always better than manual labour.
  3. Leads to project efficiency- BHL can overcome many of the limitations associated with manual labour and help in completion of project on time. In fact, usage of backhoes can reduce project’s completion time significantly.
  4. Helps in cost savings and profitability- Increased productivity and reliability through BHL can ultimately translate into higher profitability from fewer defect-related claims and the avoidance of delay penalties.
  5. Ensures safety at construction site- Any construction site is the locus of multiple high-risk activities. There are obviously safety concerns associated with workers operating on the ground, particularly within confined spaces when heavy materials are being moved around. Here, using backhoes for construction activities can help mitigate or even prevent many of these risks.

Benefits of hiring BHL on rent

Looking at the number of benefits offered by JCB and the way they drive profitability for business, it can be a wise decision to rent or buy it. Particularly, renting a BHL can be a very good option as it can save your maintenance, storage and operational cost. Renting BHL can save your initial investment cost too. What more? Renting BHL can offer tax benefits as well. Rentals paid for BHL are covered under business expenses; hence, they are deducted from taxable income, which is not the case with the purchase cost.

So, if you're willing to hire BHL, then you can search online for various dealers of backhoes. A portal like Hello Machine can be the best place which can help you connect with the right dealers.

To sum up

Are you a constructor or contractor looking to improve profitability of your business? Then, here is the solution. Rent a JCB and see how it can solve most of the problems on your job site.