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How to Rent a Compact Backhoe

Many of the jobs done by human labour in the past has been replaced by machines like backhoe to save time. Depending on the role of the equipment in the project and budget, compact backhoes are rented or purchased. If there is not enough budget to purchase one or the requirement is only short term, then hiring is the preferred choice as its cheaper.

Compact backhoes come in various capacities ranging from 16 to 45 horsepower. They do all the jobs of full-fledged backhoe but cannot lift very heavy load or dig deep trenches. They have a digging depth of 8 to 10 feet and is suited for narrow areas where big machines cannot fit in and in job sites which requires a light foot.

How to rent a compact backhoe?

Backhoes come in different sizes and shapes and it can be confusing to choose one. You could adopt the normal process of visiting the rental stores and discussing the specific job to be performed by the backhoe in your project. A simpler way to rent a compact backhoe is through Hello Machine. Hello Machine is an online platform that connects the equipment lenders with contractors looking for backhoe. One has to enter the requisite details on the portal and it will list dealers available in the area offering the best fit backhoe and their prices. From the shortlisted dealers, you can use the following criteria to make your choice:

  • Check the maximum loading height of the backhoe to ensure it is enough to lift the load to the truck or trailer
  • Check the machine’s hoisting capacity of the machine if its sufficient to balance the

weight of your material.

  • Check the digging depth
  • Check your backhoe operator’s comfort level with your machine choice. If you feel your operator is not experienced enough, check if an operator training is possible. Some companies only provide the safety manual and not training. If its new model or machine which your operator has not handled before, it is better to go with a rental company offering a training as well.
  • Check if the backhoe will be shipped to your jobsite and if the cost is included or will it be additional
  • Check the customer service offered by the rental company. Some companies have only emergency services or day time service while others have around the clock service. Ensure their helpline is available when you are using the backhoe.
  • Check who covers for the damages to the backhoe during the rental period.
  • Lastly compare the prices offered by the different rental companies.

If you are unable to do any of the above checks, you can always call the Hello Machine helpline, they will be able to guide you through the process help you rent a compact backhoe