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Get a Backhoe Loader on rent below market price as low as 600 Rs per hour*

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What types of construction equipment can you hire?

There are various benefits of renting construction equipment instead of buying it. These include the opportunity to upgrade the equipment as needed and even try the equipment before making a purchase decision, less maintenance cost, no need of costly storage space etc. Thus, due to the various benefits offered, renting construction equipment has become more common in the past few years and mini excavators, excavators, backhoe loaders, site dumpers, skid steer loaders have become some of the most quickly growing types of rental construction equipment.

  1. Mini excavators: Also known as mini diggers or compact excavators, these light construction equipment are wheeled vehicles generally including a standard backfill blade and independent boom swing to perform a wide range of jobs. These machines are ideal for projects where space or access is limited and can be fitted with various attachments. Apart from digging, mini excavators can do grading, lifting heavy items and compacting a subgrade.

2.      Excavators: Excavators fall under the heavy construction equipment category and consist of a boom, dipper or stick, bucket and cab on a rotating platform known as the house. This house sits on the top of an undercarriage with tracks or wheels. These machines are known to bring performance, flexibility and versatility at any job site. With superior digging power, these machines are vital on any large construction site. With various available attachments, they can be used to perform a list of tasks like backfilling, digging, grading, loading and dumping.

3.      Backhoe loaders: Also known as loader backhoe, backhoe loader or tractor backhoe, these machines are hired the most at any construction site owing to the various benefits offered by them. Being highly versatile machines, they are generally used for work on rugged terrains. They combine three pieces of machinery in to one i.e., a tractor, loader and backhoe. In fact, each piece of this equipment is suited to do a particular sort of work and on a typical construction site, the backhoe loader operators usually use all the three components to get the job done. The front-end loader is used to move, spread and load soil and rubble, whilst the backhoe which is like a bucket or hydraulic arm is used to break up and lift the earth. 

4.      Site dumpers: These machines are suitable for hauling wet clay, sand, gravel, quarry rocks etc., at the construction site. However, they are most ideal for moving tonnes of soil quickly around confined and narrow spaces. Since, they have a low ground pressure, they can also work well in the most challenging operating conditions.

5.      Skid steer loaders: These rugged machines can be used for the widest range of purposes of all the heavy construction machinery and are a best choice for smaller sites. These loaders help in lowering soil compaction and work well in difficult conditions such as mud. Users can choose from various tools like augers, brushcutters, mulchers, trenchers, brooms, backhoes etc., to perform the tasks at hand. It is also one of the most common construction equipment that is taken on hire.

Overall, with the customers seeing value proposition of renting heavy construction equipment, the sector is expected to see a bright future ahead!