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Get a Backhoe Loader on rent below market price as low as 600 Rs per hour*

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Why Construction Equipment on Rent?

Increase in infrastructure and building construction projects are few of the primary factors that are driving the growth of rental equipment market in the world and would lead to healthy CAGR of more than 7 per cent by 2019. India is also witnessing the same trend and hence, the rental equipment market in the country is also growing at a fast pace.

Reasons for hiring Construction Equipment on rent

Renting Construction Equipment (CE) has a direct correlation with higher work productivity and profits. CE on rent can offer a host of advantages from no worries of storage to saving of huge investment cost. Let’s take a look at the reasons for renting CE in detail…

  1. In present times, when increased urbanisation and infrastructure development is putting a huge pressure on the contractors and constructors, renting CE rather than buying new equipment for every job at every work site can make more sense.
  2. Taking CE on rent can also cut additional investment cost on new machinery and labour. In fact, for the contractors, rented equipment can be much more affordable.
  3. For short-term projects with duration of less than three years or one-off jobs also, renting equipment can be a good option.   
  4. Generally, storage of equipment while not in use is a huge issue. This storage problem and cost associated with it can also be resolved if the CE is taken on rent.

5.      When buying expensive equipment, one of the major concerns is its resale value because of the fact that the value of a piece of machinery drops considerably as soon as it is bought. So, renting the equipment can be a good solution in such a case.

6.      Heavy equipment can break down easily. So, in order to keep the project going, it is better to take the required machines on rent.

7.      Renting heavy equipment can offer an advantage over ownership in terms of the amount of support and assistance a company is able to receive by the equipment rental company’s staff.

  1. With new technologies constantly outdating the old machines, the old equipment can become obsolete and its value may also depreciate very fast. Hence, opting for equipment on rent can solve this problem.
  2. After completion of the project, the machinery mostly remains idle till the next project. However, during this time also, the construction company has to bear expenses related to maintenance and repair. These expenses can be ruled out in the case of rented equipment as after completion of the project, the equipment can be sent back to the rental company.

10.  Last but not the least, if the worksite is far away from the primary location or the location where the equipment is stored, then another major logistical hurdle is transportation of the equipment and time and cost associated with it. Renting the equipment can remove this burden as well since the equipment can be delivered to the worksite directly.

To sum up

Keeping in mind the various benefits offered, it makes a lot of sense to take CE on rent. Contractors and constructors have realised this fact and are acting accordingly. As a result, the demand for rented construction equipment has grown drastically in the past few years and the future looks bright too.